Saturday 23 January 2010

Plaza Café Website

Check out the Plaza Café website. My first website design project ever!! A little rough around the edges, to be sure, but a decent first attempt, I think.

Andate sul sito del Plaza Café. Il mio primo sito creato da zero!! Sicuramente un po' crudo in certe parti, ma come primo tentativo, non é terribile, credo.

Monday 18 January 2010

Luciano Bar Ads

Small window ads for a Milanese bar and café. Professional work.

Plaza Café

Inside and outside of a foldable menu for an Italian Café

Business card (front and back)

Awareness Poster

Awareness poster on LGBT teen sucide

Tadao Ando Editorial Layout

First and second spread of an editorial layout for a magazine article on Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The design is meant to reflect the architect's aesthetic and colour pallet.

G Major

Exercise on info-graphics.

Anna Millian Book Cover

Book cover project where I had to design a complete book cover on a book of my choice.
Special thanks to Diana Cammarano for allowing me to use her book for this school exercise.

Natural Fibres Book

8-spread fold-out book on natural fibres. Each spread features one fibre. The book was dry-mounted together and behind the spreads is a linen texture. The book's cover is also wrapped in linen.

Lovingkindness Logo, Letterhead, and Business Card

Logo, letterhead, and business card for a clothing and food company. The look had to be organic and sophisticated. This was a professional project

Sol Lewitt Art Postcard

Front and back of a post card advertising an art exhibit at Mass MoCa

Music Poster

Poster for a classical music event

Mixed Drinks

Packaging design project for a six-pack of cocktails. The design is meant to be simple, immediate, and elegant. Each drink is identified with a colour and an icon.

NYC Marathon Fundraiser Poster

Professional Project

American Harp Journal Layout

In this exercise, I had to create a one-page editorial layout for a journal of my choice.
The text belongs to the American Harp Society and the images belong to their respective owners. I have no ownership over any of the material.

Lovingkindness Logo

Logo for Lovingkindness, a clothing company based in Marha's Vineyard. This was a

Word Play

Project based on typographically representing and integrating two contrasting words. I chose the words create and destroy.

Five Squares

Typography project integrating 5 squares of body-copy text

Nine Square

This was a typography-based project and the first work in my formal design training which began in July 2009.