Wednesday 14 December 2011

Fall 2011 Work

Yesterday, we had our finals. For the occasion, I made a book compiling my work and process for the semester. Click it to view full-screen (one page is still not showing on issuu... trying to get that worked out)

Friday 2 December 2011


I'm currently working on a series of three illuminated webpages on what I consider to be the digital Holy Trinity: Google, Facebook, and Youtube. These are the three most visited websites worldwide with millions and millions users that use visit these pages daily, almost religiously.

We go to religion to answer our questions, to show us how to live, and to connect with our fellow man/woman; these motivations seem quite similar to what compels us to visit these sites. Just as in the Holy Trinity, these three sites are the same but different; they each have their own purpose, but are all very much interconnected.

To create these borders, I allowed myself to only use the decorative elements present on each site's homepage. As techniques, I only used duplication, reflection, and rotation (by 90 degree increments only).

The issue for me now is giving a purpose for these borders that goes beyond the parallel drawn between religion and digital ritual. Initially, I was thinking about typesetting each site's mission statement in latin, but it seemed too simple. The content of these sites is often quite mundane, and there is something interesting about meticulously illuminating something like, "omg, I love your hair in this pic," but I also want to focus on the power of these institutions...

Any thoughts?
Youtube illuminated border
Youtube illuminated border detail
Facebook illuminated border detail
Google illuminated border detail