Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Italian Referendum

This pattern is about the recent vote the Italian people had to abrogate 3 laws. This is a particularly important time for Italians... to be able to repeal a law, 50% of the voting population plus 1 have to vote. Italy is run by Berlusconi who announced he would not vote and urged other citizens to do the same (one of the laws up to be repealed allowed him to not be prosecuted for crimes while in office). For the first time since 1995 enough italians voted and enough voted against these 3 laws. Lots of the youth, aided by social networking sites, was informed (despite the clouding of the Berlusconi-owned media) and voted.

In my opinion, this is a great time for Italy, the population of what the EU considered the most politically corrupt country of the union is saying NO, we will not take this any longer.

Another thing that bears mentioning is that these referendums are generally blind to political inclinations... right wing and left wing alike voted against these laws

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