Saturday, 18 June 2011

Winning Articles

Here are 9 articles I chose and 3 that are tied for 10th place.

+ Digital Flirting: Easy to Do, Easy to Get Caught.
Technology creates new rules for romance--and may push infidelity 
+ Italian Voters Come Out to Overturn Laws and Deliver a Rebuke to Berlusconi
A recent referendum (first to reach quorum since the mid 1990s) allowed Italians to say no to a nuclear program, no to privatizing water supply, and no to legal immunity to Berlusconi.
+ Thieves Found Citigroup Site an Easy Entry do Data
Hackers broke into the citigroup website and acquired the (partial) credit card information of many. Many security breaches have their origin in Western Europe.
+ Healthier Mother Pushes for Healthier City
Louisville is a very overweight city, this woman decided to face her weight problem head on and is helping others to do so. You go, girl.
+ Glass's Players Warm Up For a Festival in August
Philip Glass recently interviewed talks about the upcoming debut of his 9th symphony and his return to the minimalist feeling and surging rhythms and arpeggios of his youth.
+ On College Applications, a Question of Race, or Races, Can Perplex
Incredible peak on college applications of students who identify as muliracial. What are the implications and what are the resulting strategies students are starting to employ to make themselves more appealing to competitive schools.
+ Grandson Continues Family's U.S. Open Tradition
Marc Tunesa will be the 46th Tunesa to participate in the U.S. Open. A golf legacy as impressive as the U.S. Open itself.
+ National Design Hidden in Plain Sight
Colonial architecture and design. Elevating and humbling buildings at the same time.
+ From Hitler to Mother Teresa: 6 Degrees of Empathy
An autism expert peers into the nature of human cruelty, and sees neurological disability.

And the three battling for number 10 in the series:
+ Adoptions Rise by Same-Sex Couples, Despite Legal Barriers
Title is fairly self explanatory.
+ Her $16.000 Town House, Now Available for Just $1.879 Million More
A homesteader holds on for 45 years as her neighborhood is gentrified.
+ A Defect That May Lead to a Masterpiece
How stereo blindness can be an asset for 2-D artists.

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