Friday, 10 June 2011

REAL SIMPLE: Concept & Image and Lettering Process

For my Real Simple spread, I decided to do something about antiques (I walked by an antique store when I was thinking about this assignment). I'm calling the article "the Joy of Antiques"... I haven't decided on a subhead yet. I know I want the type to be elegant, but also a little quirky and whimsical. I decided to try hand-lettering it to go with the images I chose. They are both elaborate objects, one is a white baroque frame, and the other is a little violet plate I actually bought at the store.

I ended up going with the plate... the frame was a little too busy and too white.

I designed the lettering so it would reference the shape and the forms of the dish... The intention was to save space in the loops on the edges of the lettering to fit little stickers.
the sketch
and here is the finished version

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