Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Treacherous Tuesday Times Trial

Not the best synonym for "challange," but the only one that starts with T.

My apologies for this brief hiatus I was forced to take... I had some freelance work on a crazy deadline and I couldn't turn it down. Anyway, the bun was in the oven, so to speak, and I've been reading the Tuesday Times thinking about this assignment and what would be the best way to create a set of 10 design pieces that are each a different exploration, but also work as a coherent whole (and are still somewhat relevant to the world of news/media is some way or another). Here are my thoughts:

Foldable Poster/Mailer
It would give me a chance to work on larger typographic experiments (within the limits of my printer). This is the direction most closely tied to the newspaper I would print them on newsprint, so it would have that materiality and color, the would be meant to be folded (so you would just get a somewhat abridged image of the article when it's folded, but you would have to open to get the whole picture--like a paper), and because it's a mailer it's meant to have a sort of experience then throw away type of feel--like a newspaper... and it gets mailed... like a paper CONS: making 10 of these in a weekend scares the shorts off me (yes, I'm wearing shorts... and I still have shorts on my mind).

Who hasn't, at one point or another, imagined their life was a musical? I know I have... more often than I care to admit. So, what if the day's events could be made into Broadway posters and all bound in a playbill? I'm talking over the top, old broadway looking posters. CONS: too gimmiky? be honest... I won't cry, I might just break out into a soulful ballad.

One of the parts of this assignment that sounded the most fascinating to me is the fact that through our choice of article, we will identify patterns and extract our interests. Likewise, by seeing more and more of our work together, we will be looking for patterns in an attempt to define our own design voice. So, how about taking the assignment quite literally and making 10 different textile patterns each inspired by a different article? CONS: Incorporating typography. Definite con... I could make some relatively simple type compositions and overlay them (like screen-prints) over my repeated patterns.

I welcome any and all advice/direction with this decision. Thank you guys.

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  1. I think these three are great ideas. You have some really good articles chosen for these unexpected mediums. receive some energy and a caffeine boost!! no sleeping till Tuesday! If any good advice comes up I'll let you know.