Friday, 10 June 2011

REAL SIMPLE: Layout Ideas

When I added the stickers and the by line to the lettering and put it next to the image... it looked strange.
So, I tried taking the stickers out (and just leaving the "of" sticker) and moving the by line tag and I like it a little more... I think my biggest issue now is that everything is so static and centered. Adding the subhead will give me a chance to play around with type and make it a little more dynamic. I'm also concerned with the amount of white space on the left side of the spread.
finished lettering and by line


  1. I asked a friend her opinion, and she brought to my attention the fact that the stickers should either be all there or none at all. Just leaving the "of" sticker there calls unnecessary attention to that word. I definitely agree

  2. ok so first of all, the type work is simply amazing! very Herb Lubalin inspired.

    I like the version with only one sticker more than any other... it's not about bringing attention to unnecessary word, it's about making a cohesive composition and adding a splash of color. you successfully married the two together in that one comp.

    don't get stuck in layout "A"... try other layouts. try to play with color some more...

    looks really beautiful!

  3. Nick,
    I saw you did the lettering yourself!
    I like it a lot, it is very delicate like the ceramic.
    I think the sticker is fine but try as you said to add the subhead and see how it looks.
    Otherwise if you think there is too much white you could pick a color for the background.


  4. Grazie del suggerimento, Francesco. ottima idea. :) ci vediamo martedì

  5. Hey Nick,

    Amazing hand lettering job! How did you start this project, by redrawing a font while adding your own elements?


  6. Hey John. No, I just hand drew the who thing, I couldn't really think of a font that had that kind of informal quality... the sketch I put up on the post before this one is pretty much how I started. see you tomorrow!